“Musical Heritage” – Complete album by Marco Evangelista

01 – Morning mood (M.Evangelista)
02 – Flowing (M.Evangelista)
03 – Natural mystic (B.Marley)
04 – So what (M.Davis)
05 – Manteca Re-edit (D.Gillespie)
06 – Shasha (M.Evangelista)
07 – Summer time (G.Gershwin)
08 – Impro#1 (M.Evangelista)
09 – Naima (J.Coltrane)
10 – Blessings (M.Evangelista)
11 – Echoes (M.Evangelista)
12 – Here and Now (M.Evangelista)

All tracks produced by Marco Evangelista
Marco Evangelista: Acoustic Piano – Organ & Keyboards – Trumpet – Melodica – Indian flute
Orchestral parts – SynthBasses – Drum programming – Percussions – Vocals
Mix by Marco Evangelista @ CaveLabStudio-Perugia. Mastering by Dario Casillo. CoverArt by Carmine Cerbone

\“Morning mood” contains portions of “Peer Gynt – Suite No. 1, Op.46 – “Morning mood” (E.Grieg).
\“Blessings” contains portions of “O berimbau” – “Don Cherry’s Nu – Live at the Bracknell Jazz Festival – 1986”
\”Manteca Re-edit” contains portions of “Dizzy Gillespie – Live in Denmark 1970” (D.Gillespie)
\“Natural mystic” : M.Evangelista\ElectricPiano – F.De Benedictis\Bass – F.Siculi\Drums. Live@CaffèMorlacchi-Perugia2015 – Special thanks to “Radiophonica” for the live recording.
\ Guitars on “So what” by Piero ‘Dread’.
\“Here and Now” contains part of Osho interview. Slide guitars on “Here and now” by Andrea Esposito.
\”Summer time” :M.Evangelista\ElectricPiano-DrumProgramming – Barbara Baldaccini\Voice – Lucio Esposito\Bass.
\”Impro#1 ” : M.Evangelista\ElecrticPiano – Claudio Sodano AbletoneLiveProgramming
\“Naima” is a reggae dub re-edit of Eric Dolphy’s version. Contains part of interview by John Coltrane.
\“Shasha” is the original Soundtrack of “YouthsOfShasha”, Film\Documentary of which I’ve composed all the music.
Contains portions of acoustic guitar played by “Chinna” Smith. \“Echoes”” is a mash-up of traditional instruments and chants; A cronological tribute to the MUSIC.

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