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Cavelab Music Factory: - Audio recordings and Music Production. - Musical Arrangements for Singers, Labels, Commercials, DJs, Audiobooks, Original Music and Sound Backgrounds for images. - Addition of instrumental parts, to be integrated into your musical project in progress. - Editing-Mixing-Mastering Audio.

Marco Evangelista \ Musician, Teacher, Instrumentalist, Composer&Arranger, StudioSideman and Producer, Audio Engineer. Researcher and developer of Book\Method "Tavola dei Suoni Espansi - Il Nuovo Metodo Musicale Armonico-Geometrico" (available in double version Ita\Eng on Graduated in 2015 in Choir conducting Ancient music and Composition - Conservatory of Music "F.Morlacchi" – Perugia.

- CaveLab additional services: - Music promotion on TV \ Radio (FM-WEB) also thirty countries, by: by Alessandro Cicioni. - We also recommend external collaborators from different musical, artistic and professional fields, local and not, who may be right for you. #co-operation is a must.

CaveLab attitude: Madrigale, Be-Bop, Elvis, Morricone, Tu-Tu, Wu-Tang, Jobim, Songwriters, Instrumentalists, Audiobooks-Images, String quartet, Drive Guitar, SoundSystem & BassCulture, OneDrop, FourDrop, NoDrop, SlowMidUpTempo ... in any case, give the right BEAT.

YouTubeMiscellaneous\ Marco Evangelista youtube page (on youtube also as “MagistaMusic” and “Cavelab Music Factory”)

While waiting for external machines, the Mix and Master is processed "inbox".
We hope to improve our setting soon, also with your help and your trust. #buy only if you like it.

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